Queen's Trading

Futian Market

This market is the epicenter of the world's source of small commodities. Here you can find everything from the most popular children's toys to the latest fashion items.

Queen's Trading

We are a family owned company that has been operating in Yiwu, China for over 10 years. Our company started as a manufacturer of hair accessories, mainly children's hair bows. While we were successful as a manufacturer, it felt like a wasted opportunity to not utilize the plethora of merchandise offered by the Futian Market. So our company started providing our services as agents. As such, it is our promise to scour the market procuring any and all merchandise you desire.


While we operate all over the Futian Market, there are a few items that our company specializes in.

Hair Accessories

We still operate as a hair accessory manufacturer and have a vast library of accessories available in our catalogue


After hair accessories, toys are the category of items that we have the most experience in. Anything from the most basic dolls to the latest and hottest toys are available.

Party Supplies

Our latest addition to our extensive catalogue of merchandise are party supplies.